Product Range:




1. Barrier asymmetrical film PA/TIE/PA/EVOH/PA/TIE/PE or 
1.1. Forming film 100-210 microns
1.2. Non-forming (lid film) 50-120 microns

2. Barrier symmetrical film PE/TIE/PA/EVOH/PA/TIE/PE 50-120 microns for lamination and flow wraps

3. Barrier shrink 9 layer display film with EVOH   40-110 microns for fresh meat and cheese 

4. Barrier shrink 9 layer bags with EVOH 40-110 microns for fresh meat and cheese 

5. Non barrier shrink film irradiated 15-20 microns for poultry 

6. Variety of BOPP and BOPET films